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Code of conduct for Nicchio Sobrinho Café suppliers

NICCHIO SOBRINHO CAFÉ not only produces the highest quality products, but what we do is in a way that reflects the company’s commitment to carrying out our business activities in full compliance with existing laws, in addition to following the principles of honesty and integrity. In the same way, our client expects an identical behavior from all the partners with whom we interact, and especially from our suppliers.

The NICCHIO SOBRINHO CAFÉ Corporate Business Principles establish certain values ​​and principles to which NICCHIO SOBRINHO CAFÉ is globally committed. This SUPPLIER CODE specifies and supports the continuation and implementation of the Corporate Principles, setting minimum and non-negotiable standards (Sections I-VII) requiring our suppliers, employees, agents and contractors (collectively referred to in this Code as “the Supplier”) to respect and ensure respect for the entire chain and each segment of our commercial activity. It is Supplier’s responsibility to train its employees, agents and contractors to follow these standards of behavior. By accepting this Code, the supplier undertakes that all agreements and commercial relationships signed with NICCHIO SOBRINHO CAFÉ are subject to the provisions set forth in this document.


Supplier will not discriminate in its hiring and employment practices based on race, color, religion, sex, age, physical ability, national origin or sexual orientation.

Freedom of association and right to collective bargaining
Unless impeded by public rules or policies, suppliers must guarantee their employees the right to freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.


NICCHIO SOBRINHO CAFÉ supports and encourages the implementation of good operational practices, agricultural practices and sustainable agricultural production systems. These concepts are a crucial part of NICCHIO SOBRINHO CAFÉ’s supplier supply and development strategy. Likewise, NICCHIO SOBRINHO CAFÉ expects the Supplier to maintain a commitment and constant look for improvements, efficiency and sustainability of its operations, including water conservation programs.


Deprivation of liberty and forced labor
Supplier shall not, under any circumstances, use or obtain any benefit from the imposition of forced labor. All work generated from any form of service in slavery is prohibited, as is the use of psychological punishment, confinement, threats of violence or any other form of harassment or abuse as a method of discipline and control. The Supplier shall not use production facilities or equipment that require work to be performed by workers who do not receive any remuneration or under exploitation contracts, nor shall it enter into contracts for the manufacture of NICCHIO SOBRINHO CAFÉ products with subcontractors that are involved in such practices or with the use of said facilities. In the event that Supplier uses workers who are incarcerated and under a rehabilitation scheme, such arrangements are not considered violations of the Code.

Child labor
Any form of exploitation of child labor by Supplier is strictly prohibited. Child labor is any work that is mentally, physically, socially or morally dangerous and harmful to children, or that directly interferes with their compulsory education, defined as such by the competent authority.

The workday
Supplier is responsible for ensuring that its employees work in accordance with applicable laws and mandatory standards of trade and industry in terms of working hours and days. In the event of a conflict between the labor statute and the mandatory standard of trade and industry, the Supplier shall resolve it in accordance with the foregoing provisions of applicable national laws.

Supplier shall provide its employees with salary and benefits that comply with laws and collective bargaining agreements, including those relating to overtime pay arrangements and other types of overtime pay.

Supplier shall follow a policy of compliance with applicable laws that prohibits discriminatory practices in the employment of personnel and in their professional conduct with respect to race, religion, color, sex, age, physical abilities, nationality or any other matter. prohibited by law.


The Supplier will be responsible for providing its employees with safe and healthy work and in a location that also meets these conditions. At a minimum, Supplier shall provide potable drinking water, adequate toilets, emergency exits and basic safety services, fire extinguishers, with access to emergency health services, and properly lit and properly equipped workplaces. In addition, the facilities must be built and serviced in accordance with the standards set out in codes and ordinances.

Product quality and safety
All products and services provided by the Supplier must comply with the quality and safety standards and parameters required by applicable laws. In case of establishing any business relationship with NICCHIO SOBRINHO CAFÉ, or on behalf of NICCHIO SOBRINHO CAFÉ, the Supplier must comply with the quality standards established by NICCHIO SOBRINHO CAFÉ.


The director of NICCHIO SOBRINHO CAFÉ, recalls that, since the creation of the company, he has always provided social services to employees and suppliers, where medical and dental services are provided.

He understands that the Digital Inclusion program and the others are important, and will certainly have positive effects, being very useful.