19 Oct 2017

Conilon coffee price in the domestic market beats $ 500 per bag

Conilon, the robusta, coffee prices in the Brazilian domestic market hit the $ 500 this Tuesday (18/10). The Indicator Coffee Conilon Cepea / Esalq type 6 sieve 13 above closed at R $ 507.09. The value represents a daily increase of 1.60% and a monthly variation that reached 10.33% in the series made by the Center for Advanced Studies in Applied Economics), from Esalq / USP.

Already in the Center of Commerce of Coffee of Vitória, the CCCV, the quotation of the same day pointed to R $ 501 for the Type 7 conilon, with up to 13% humidity and up to 10% drill. In the price of the São Gabriel Coffee Farmers Cooperative, aCooabriel, the conilon type 7 also reached R $ 501.55.